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Why Pool Hawk?

Problem Remains

In spite of all the best efforts to prevent drowning, the problem remains. It was thought that putting lifeguards in elevated stands and appropriate equipment and training was enough, but sadly children, teens and adults drown in guarded swimming pools every day. New layers of protection are still needed.

Technology Needed

It is quite clear that humans are incapable of tracking and monitoring every swimmer in a swimming pool area. Using modern technology, Pool Hawk Systems has developed a pool monitoring system that does just that. Every swimmer is individually tracked and monitored from the time they enter the pool until they leave.

Next Generation Drowning Detection System

Artificial Intelligence

The Pool Hawk System is intelligent, learns the swimming environment very quickly, and gets smarter as time goes on.

Tracks Every Swimmer Independently

The system detects and monitors all people in the pool area. It tracks every single squared inch of the pool and every single swimmer that enters the water independently.

Most Cost Efficient System on Market!

Pool Hawk is by far the most cost efficient system in the world today. No other system can match it’s ease of installation and operation.

21st Century Technology

Pool Hawk has been built and coded with all of the latest hardware and technology to make it the state of the art system

Next Generation Drowning Detection System

Pool Hawk has raised the bar and set a new standard as the Next Generation of Drowning Detection Technology

Military and Aerospace Engineers

Pool Hawk Systems, Inc has brought together an extremely talented group of military and commercial engineers for this project

System Overview


Completely Above Water

Easy, Non-invasive installation



Sensors track every person in the pool area and every swimmer in the pool


No Blind Spots

Pool Hawk tracks every single inch of the pool, it has no blind spots


Overhead Cameras

Three independent overhead cameras with specialized optics


Always Learning

The system utilizes artificial intelligence and compiles libraries of knowledge

Pool Hawk Features


Military Grade Optics

Special IP cameras with polarized, wide angle, HD lenses


Artificial Intelligence

The system learns and becomes more intelligent as it scans the pool



The least expensive, most cost effective system on the market


Patented Technology

Pool Hawk has been awarded 2 US Patents (#8237574 & 8669876)


Maintenance & Upgrades

Ongoing system support, maintenance and upgrades are available for all Pool Hawk installations at no additional cost.

Overhead screen shot from Pool Hawk System

Pool Hawk in Action!

Pool Hawk System Drowning Detection

To the right is an overhead video of the Pool Hawk System.

Please note: Red box in lower right hand corner at end of video indicates a Drowning Detection

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