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Pool Hawk Systems, Inc. has brought a team of US military and commercial engineers together to develop the next generation of Drowning Detection Systems for swimming areas using cutting edge state of the art technology. Pool Hawk uses above water military grade optics, is easy and non-invasive to install, the software has the ability to learn and is extremely accurate, and the system is very cost effective – less expensive that any system on the market.


David Anderson - Founder & CEO

The CEO of Pool Hawk Systems, David Anderson, holds multiple degrees in science as well as a Masters in Business Administration, is a former engineer who worked on military missile programs for Hughes Aircraft and is an entrepreneur who has led several profitable start-up companies and business ventures.

David was deeply affected by the drowning of a child in his local area and its devastating effect on the family and other lives around him. He was inspired to use his many years of expertise and experience to research how technology could help to reduce the risk of drowning. As a result of David’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit Pool Hawk was born.


Technical Team

The Pool Hawk technical team is composed of senior aerospace engineers, each with more than 20 years of experience developing state-of-the-art sensors for US Department of Defense and intelligence agencies. These engineers are adapting some of these military sensing technologies to this important challenge.

Members of this team have fielded sensor systems that: detect underwater mines, identify surface threats from small boats, remotely identify launched missiles just after launch, and even search for the presence of whales prior to Navy sonar testing.

Background of Technical Team


25 years of Navy Department of Defense – electro-optical projects for classifying surface vehicles in high density environments which are in use on Navy surface ships today


25 years US Navy Senior Scientist


21 years of electro-optics for chemical sensing/ identification, underwater object detection, remote sensing and identification of missile threats


21 years signal processing and systems engineering projects for US Department of Defense and US Dept of Justice


20 years US Navy imaging systems


25 years experience, Project Manager for low observable vehicles, advanced autonomous landing systems for aircraft, and large scale structures


25 years Project Manager and CEO for high technology, high growth, new product companies. Increased the value of one company five-fold over a span of 7 years

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