Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pool Hawk complicated or difficult to use?

No, Pool Hawk is quite simple to use and manage. Onsite system training is provided on the management and operation of the Pool Hawk system and a user manual and lifeguard manual are available to each site. A library of online video training on the use of Pool Hawk is available as well.

How is Pool Hawk updated and maintained?

Ongoing system support, maintenance, and hardware and software upgrades are available for all Pool Hawk installations at no additional cost.

"I don't want my lifeguard playing with a smart phone on the pool deck!"

We don’t either! That is why the Pool Hawk mobile device has been stripped of all features and functionality, except for the Pool Hawk software. There is nothing for the lifeguard to “play with” on the Pool Hawk mobile device. A plain blank screen is displayed when the system is active, and the only time there is anything else displayed is in the event of an alert when the screen will show the location in the pool of the swimmer in distress.

How does the installation work?

Our Pool Hawk installation crew will install 3 above water cameras, connect them to the computer system, configure software, and connect computer to your high speed internet access connection.

Can the Pool Hawk System be set up indoor and outdoor pool?

The Pool Hawk System has been installed and tested in both indoor and outdoor facilities. It’s software is presently optimized and configured for indoor pools. Only indoor pool installations are being offered at this time, outdoor installations will follow.

Will training be available?
Yes, we will provide operational training to designated employees and full documentation will be available
Does our pool need to be closed during installation?
We understand that having your facility open is of the upmost priority. It is for this reason that installation of the cameras will happen during non working business hours.
Will this system replace a lifeguard?
The Pool Hawk system is a product designed and intended to aid lifeguards in the recognition of potential drowning. It is important that trained personal are available to act in case of the emergency.
Are there any specific system requirements?
The system requires a secure enclosure for the computer. The computer requires a UPC to protect from power spikes and outages. The system also needs wired, dedicated high speed internet access so as to not impact access speeds of other users.

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