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Drowning Detection


Most Advanced System

In The Market Today!

Worldwide Issue

Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of accidental death worldwide

Our Children

One in five who die from drowning are children 14 years old or younger

Near Drowning Injuries

Near-drowning injuries requiring continuing care are approximately 5 times the number of drownings

3,868 per year in US

Here in the US alone there are an average of 3,868 drownings per year


Infants & Small Children

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for infants and children between the ages of 1 – 4

Even Adults Can't Swim

An estimated 38% of adults can not swim the length of the pool

Average Drownings per Year *

Average Drownings in US per Day *


Child Drownings in LIfeguarded Pools *

* Statistics according to CDC

The Cost of Drowning

Lives Lost

Obviously the cost of lives lost far outweighs any financial consideration. In addition the affect on the family and community is immeasurable.

Cost per Drowning

The cost per drowning in a guarded pool is an average of $3.2 million

Sustaining Care

The estimated cost per year of sustaining care for near drownings is $2 billion

Lifeguards Are Simply Not Enough

Lifeguarded Pools

19% of child drownings occur in public pools with certified lifeguards on duty

Lifeguards are only human

So many factors contribute to the inability of Lifeguards to monitor the water 100% of the time: – Distractions – Crowds – Blocked View – Attention Span and Fatigue – Brain Simply Does Not Register There’s a Problem

Limitations of Human Eye and Brain

The plain facts are that lifeguards are not 100% effective at seeing the entire pool and drowning victims. Put quite simply, it is not possible for the human eye and brain to accurately detect a drowning victim anywhere near 100% of the time.

But There Is A Solution!

Introducing Pool Hawk!

21st Century Technology

Pool Hawk has been built and coded with all of the latest hardware and technology to make it the state of the art system

Next Generation Drowning Detection

Pool Hawk has raised the bar and has set a new standard as the Next Generation of Drowning Detection System

Military and Aerospace Engineers

Pool Hawk Systems, Inc has brought together an extremely talented group of military and commercial engineers for this project

Artificial Intelligence

The Pool Hawk System is intelligent, learns the swimming environment very quickly, and gets smarter as time goes on.

Tracks Every Swimmer Independently

The system detects and monitors all people in the pool area. It tracks every single squared inch of the pool and every single swimmer that enters the water independently.

Most Cost Efficient System on Market!

Pool Hawk is by far the most cost efficient system in the world today. No other system can match it’s ease of installation and operation.

Pool Hawk Features

Highlights of the features of the Pool Hawk System


Military Grade Optics

Special IP cameras with polarized, wide angle, HD lenses


Completely Above Water

Easy, Non-invasive installation


Artificial Intelligence

The system learns and becomes more intelligent as it scans the pool


Patented Technology

Pool Hawk has multiple patents including patent #8669876 and #8237574

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